Coaching is the really useful way of developing player’s skills, abilities, and ingame performance .
It helps you deal with issues and obstacles that have no problems for you so far.
Coaching is a tool that is used in every profession, especially in top sports and e-sports, where it’s a must nowadays.
In order to become successful and keep up the high learning curve, every professional team has coaches and coaches.

This rule also applies for soloque! If your goal is to get fit other players quicker than you are right now, you’ll have consult with more knowledgeable and qualified players.
We offer the highest level of SoloQ coaching that is possible in the whole League of Legends scene.
Our coaches have passionately lectured and lead over 500 players within 2 years while having 100% positive feedback and always a rise in ladder! Your coaches will be people who have played in LCS / Challenger series or are multiple times Challenger account owners in EUW or NA regions.

If you’re interested in someone pointing out your flaws, do not hesitate to contact us! Our schedules are very flexible, we coach in EVERY region and we can coach EVERY champion & role to the most top of the top level possible!


  • Option to choose either voice or text communication
  • Mining out your flaws and explaining them to you
  • One on one improving your mindset and champion builds, runes, masteries
  • Replay and gameplay analysis
  • 1v1 Custom games
  • Custom exercises to improve your mechanics
  • Demonstrating difficult and high skill cap combos in custom games
  • Explaining and demonstrating how to team fight efficiently
  • Champion picks, counter picks, strategies and much more!


  • Gameplay or our own solo games in your elo
  • Team coaching
  • Duo coaching – grab a friend with you!
  • Team analysis and talent scouting

After you have purchased, the booster will contact you as soon as possible! Make sure you accept his friend request!

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